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It is dangerous to invest in Quebec


The war between Canada and the Province of Quebec can ruin yourself and your business. Because of the political option of the Government of Quebec to separate the Province of Quebec from Canada, all the Laws and Rules are violated and not respected to favour their political opportunism. All the government’s institutions will be used to ruin yourself and your business, if you just dare to ask for the respect of the laws and the fundamentals rights if those don’t favour their political opportunism. Even more, if yourself our your business are involuntary involved in this war or in one of those political conflicts, no politician will never respect any of the promises they gave you, pleading reason of State or state of crisis to avoid to compensate you; rather every one will use all the government’s institutions and all the illegal means to ruin yourself and your business.

In Quebec, some humanitarian actions, like helping elders in giving them food, are highly punished by the Government of Quebec.
Contrary to all international and humanitarian conventions, the Government of the Province of Quebec could punished very severely, all individuals and companies that are involved in humanitarian actions, like giving food to elders or simply if they are asking the Governments to respect the laws and the fundamental rights guarantee by the Canadian Constitution or by the Quebec and also the Canadian Charter of Rights. 
The Supreme Court of Canada confirm freedom of expression for every individual.
The nine judges of the Supreme Court of Canada are unanimous: " Consumers may share their concerns, worries or even anger with other consumers and try to warn them against the practices of a business. In this respect, simple means of expression such as posting signs or distributing pamphlets or leaflets or, these days, posting messages on the Internet are the optimum means of communication for discontented consumers. The media are still often beyond their reach because of the cost. 
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