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The goals of this web site is to present the news taking account of past and today facts and wants to be a generator for access to information for the general public and those individuals who want to exchange, help each other, to share, to understand, to claim and to be united toward better humans and socials values.

This web site is divided in two sections: a dynamic section and a static section.


You get access to the dynamic section by clicking one button on the upper top menu bar immediately following the heading of the site web page. This section which is also call "the portal" allow the surfer to be interactive with the web site. It is not necessary to be a member of the web site to surf the site and all appropriate research, except for some functions where you will be required to login. If you decide to be interactive with the portal, you must agree with the terms and conditions to use the portal.


You get access to the static section of the web site with the lower menu bar immediately following the web page heading which is characterized by a rolling menu. As long as you see an arrow on the button selected, there is still a choice to be made. At the end, click on the enlightened button to activate your choice. This section contain a mass of information, reference and archive documents related to your subject.


The web site can be surf successfully from version 4.0 of the servers but better results are obtained with version 6.0. A screen resolution of 800 X 600 will give excellent results.

The information available on this web site is of general nature and is provided with no guarantee, specifically as far as the correctness and/or obsolete features. Some laws and judgments are included as information only and should not be interpreted as legal advices.

The French portal is not a translation of the English portal and vice versa. The author of an article, an event, an add, etc may not have posted in the two portals as per his choice.

When the icon is next to a document of reference, you should click on the icon to open the document.


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